Engineering professional, Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt certified with broad skills and experience from working for big players of the digital and technical industry
I am a data enthusiast, trainer and educator by vocation, nuclear physicist by education, currently building tech startups and related websites or web apps.
What drives me? Challenging projects with tight deadlines & hard objectives ;-)

My area of expertise

What I Do


Who I Am

My mind in Africa and Europe, I studied at Université Libre de Bruxelles - ULB and Paul-Henry Spaak College - I.S.I.B, followed by complementary studies of Management at ICHEC Brussels Management School.
Apart from that, I like describing myself as a traveler, a talker but first of all listener, food enthousiast, observer and social media adventurer


My Work

Professional, graduate with a Master Degree of engineering physics with years of relevant work experience in the technical field at multinational companies (Google, International SOS, Caterpillar), where I held high-profile positions with various level of responsibilities and dealing with cross-functional teams, I am now on the entrepreneurship road dealing with web and business development.
Skilled in the IT sector as subject-matter expert for training and project management, I am a continuous learner who embraces international opportunities (as recently in the USA, Portugal, Canada, Belgium).
Self-starter, quick learner with very little need for guidance. Goals oriented and thriving for excellence.
Currently, I am highly interested in #AI artificial intelligence (particularly #machinelearning applied to #chatbot) | #blockchain | #pwa progressive web app | #firebase | #bootstrap | #watson #azure clouds